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Colloque sur les épigrammes dans la littérature grecque antique, à Londres (11-13 sept.)

"The aim of this international conference is to investigate the changes that literary epigram underwent over the centuries, its interrelationship with other Greek literary genres and with the visual arts, as well as the factors which influenced its development across time. The conference aims to advance our understanding of the epigram by shifting focus away from an author-, garland- and time-based study of epigrams to exploring Greek literary epigrams (from the Hellenistic to those included in the Cycle of Agathias) in a wider perspective. We hope that this will lead to an understanding of the larger dynamics that shaped the epigram as a literary type, and the factors that influenced its development and guaranteed its survival throughout antiquity." (©UCL)

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La conférence de Yannick Durbec, membre associé du Centre Paul-Albert Février, spécialiste de poésie hellénistique, porte sur :

- "Leonidas in the stream of epigrammatic traditions"

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